Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Favourite authors

Hello Frnds.....
This is my second post.. I thought of starting from my favorite authors...
Bt before tht I have to say sumthng
Though my blog is on books.. I can't say that i have read a lot of books..
Coz there are still number of books which i haven't read.... and I can say " Nobody can finish reading all the best books of the world. That is impossible.. and thankfully IT'S A FACT.." Den let me start from my ex-favorite authors...

The author of millions of books whose books are still loved by the children..
The author of the 2 fabulous series .."Famous Five" and "Secret Seven".

Enid Blyton
. (I still lyk her bt I dnt read her books bcoz I thnk I m no longer a kid :P)

Enid Mary Blyton was born on 11 August 1897, in South London. She was 71 , wen she died on 28 November 1968. She had another pen name which was Mary Pollock

Her books list includes
The Famous Five series , The Secret Seven series, The magic faraway tree series, the naughtiest girl series, the Mistletoe farm series, The five Find-Outers, the circus series, the Barney Mystery series, the Wishing chair series, the Malory Tower's series, the Adventure series and the Noddy books...all of these books are famous and are still popular among the young as well as the old...

The author of the Bestselling Series.. "HARRY POTTER".. - Joanne Katheleen Rowling..
(Nw i m nt as crazy for her books as i ws..)

J.K.Rowling was born on 31st July..1965 in England and grew up in Chepstow . J.K. Rowling has three children.. namely Jessica, David and Mackenzie.. Besides the 7 books in the Harry Potter Series .. she has also written a few others.. Namely..
Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, published by bloomsbury

2.Quidditch through the ages, published by bloomsbury
3.The tales of Beedle and Bard, by children's high level group..
I haven't read any of those books .. so won't be able to give any review.

Now it's time for my Recent favorite authors..
Ofcource , my latest favorite is the latest "International bestseller"... whose books are now made into movies.. and the third film is going to release on June 30- "Eclipse".. (Yeii , can't wait )

Stephenie Meyer...

Stephenie Meyer born on December 24, 1973, at Connecticut in United States.. She became instantly famous after her first novel "Twilight" was published in the year 2005.. She has three sons..
Othr than the twilight saga she has also written an adult book called "The Host".. it is also a bestseller..

Another recent favorite of mine is Chetan Bhagat. He is the bestselling English language author of India.
I have read all his four books till date..And I just love his writing style. He has a great sense of humour.
If you haven't read any of his books till now.. I suggest you to start reading his books. All his books are great..
Starting from : Five point someone
One night @ the call centre
3 mistakes of my Life
Till : 2 States: Story of my Marriage

I am also a fan of Sydney Sheldon..
I have read only a few books of Sydney Sheldon.. which includes "Tell me your dreams" which is one of his best books.. and also "Mistress of the game"

Keep Reading : )
And also write to me wat recent books you have read....
I'll be waiting 4 ur reply..


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