Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Kite Runner

The Kite Khaled Hosseini....An amazing book... Its a very popular best seller ...i guess everyone already has an idea of how good this book is.. I will just say one thing about this book...for those who haven't read it yet ...It is a must-read..!!

This is a page turner with complex characters and situations that will make you think hard about friendship , good and evil, betrayal and redemption...It is an intense suspenseful story with interesting twists... Totally un-put-downable..!!

This book teaches the reader about many things ...It teaches us about how hard it is to forgive our ownself than to forgive others...and the saddening and shocking consequences..

The Kite Runner has taught me a lot and i feel this book should be read not only because it tells us about the lessons written above but also because it gives us an idea about reality... 

I hope I'l get the chance to read the next book "Thousand Splendid suns" soon.. .!!!